Fitna Gar Novel By Malik Safdir Hayat Pdf

Book Name: Fitna Gar Novel

Writer: Malik Safdar Hayat


The book Fitna Gar Novel Pdf is written by Malik Safdar Hayat. The author of the book is a well-known police officer. He worked as an investigation officer at the time of British rule in the Indian Subcontinent. He interrogated many criminal incidents which he later wrote in the shape of a complete story.

The book Fitna Gar Novel is another interesting thriller story. It is the story which revolves around the man who wants to take revenge. It is a criminal, thriller, and action-adventure story which published in a famous Urdu magazine. The novel contains some mouth opening events as well.

You can download Malik Safdar Hayat’s novels in Pdf. You can also read Jihad Novel, Sarkash Novel and Sitam Naseeb Novel.

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