Deewana Iblees Novel By Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi Pdf Download

Book Name: Deewana Iblees Novel

Writer: Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi


The book Deewana Iblees Novel Pdf is written by Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi. Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is a famous writer, mystic, and novelist. He authored a dozen books which shows his intellectualism and Portraiting approach. His every novel contains a touch of mysticism and Sufism, that is why Urdu readers love to read his books.

The book Deewana Ibless Novel Pdf. It is beautiful loving story which has Sufism touch. The love of the world turns later into a real love of Allah which makes this story tempting and glorifying. Unlike Ishq Ka Qaaf, Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi tried to capture the evil practices of the society. He, by putting an example of evil, purified the love of man.

I hope that you will like the book Deewana Iblees Novel Pdf. Here on site, You can read online and download Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi Novels in Pdf. You may read Ashram Se Us Bazar Tak and O Ray Piya Novel & Saleeb e Ishq.

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