Dard Gar Novel By Umme Maryam Pdf Download

Book Name: Dard Gar Novel

Writer: Umme Maryam


Umme Maryam is the author of the book Dard Gar Novel. Umme Maryam is a well-known female author and novelist. She authored many super hit books published earlier in the leading monthly magazine and digests. She wrote excellent stories that brought her to the limelight fame in the world. A number of best sellers she has on her credit and the romantic subject is her primary choice.

The book Dard Gar Novel Pdf is an excellent social, cultural Urdu romantic story. In this novel, the writer describes so many aspects of human behaviors. Love is the most powerful weapon of one’s emotions. Love turns over the hate and passion replaces it. Sometimes Greed and animosity lapse these two things that aforementioned above. Three main characters of this story are Aun Murtaza, Hijab, and Abu Daud. All of them fall in love with each other.

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