Arzang e Faqeer by Sarfraz A Shah Download Free Pdf

Book name: ArzangĀ e Faqeer

Writer: Sarfraz A Shah


The book Arzang e Faqeer Pdf is written by Sarfraz A Shah. The author of this Tasawwaf book is a retired bureaucrat who also had an interest in science, astronomy, and education. He is a great writer, speaker, spiritual leader, and a scholar. His primary focus was on the subject of mysticism and Sufism. These things cherished her inner feelings and hence, it was the revival of his feelings.

This book Arzang e Faqeer Pdf by Sarfraz A Shah is a beautiful gift on the subject of Tasawwaf. This book provides comprehensive knowledge about the stages of love. The love of reality is the best thing which gives a man straight path to the success in the world and in the later life after the death. Sufism and mysticism these things play much role in the development of the human structure. I hope you will also love to read this book Arzang e Faqeer Pdf.

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