Aqwal e Yousufi By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi Pdf

Book Name: Aqwal e Yousufi

Writer: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi


Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi is the author of the book Aqwal e Yousufi Pdf. He was a famous Urdu writer, intellectual, and humorist. He authored many excellent books including Aab e Gum, Chiragh Talay, Hakam e Badhan, and Zargushat. All these books were funny and contained the material about the nature of society.

The book Aqwal e Yousufi Pdf is another excellent work by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi. Besides other comic and funny books, it contains the collection of sayings of the writer. It is such a tremendous book which provides the beauty of human nature in the light of fun and humour. Dr Mazhar Ahmed compiled the sayings on one page and got fame. I hope you will like the book Aqwal e Yousufi Pdf.

Here, You can download Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi books in Pdf. You can also read Namrood Ki KhudaiGata Jaye Banjara Poetry and Dhool Dhappa.

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