Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran By Mufti Mazhar Ullah Dehlvi Pdf

Book Name: Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran

Writer: Mufti Mazhar Ullah Dehlvi


Mufti Mazhar Ullah Dehlvi translated this book Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran Urdu Pdf. It is the translation of the work into Urdu by the great scholar of Islam. The translator of this Tafseer belongs to the noble family of Dehli. His father was also a great scholar of India. Not only his father got the attention of the Mughals but also, his grandfather was also an excellent narrator of the Hadith. He got the real education from his house, and after his death, his son Dr Muhammad Masoor Ahmed carried the work of his father.

This book Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran Pdf is the beautiful work of the Mufti Mazhar Ullah. He narrated the Holy Quran very beautifully. He also mentioned the references from the great Tafaseers in his book. Many times, he opted the Tafseer in his book from the Shah Rafi Ud Din and Shah Abdul Qadir. These two were the sons of the great mystic Sufi Shah Wali Allah. They translated the Holy Quran for the first time in the Persian language and later on, into the Urdu language. Therefore, the Mufti took references in his book Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran pdf. I hope you will like this Tafseer Mazhar Ul Quran Urdu Pdf.

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